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Our Vision

Our vision is to offer the best Levantine food by providing outstanding quality, service, and cleanliness to satisfy our customers’ needs.  We utilize our knowledge and passion in making food and thrive to spread it to different parts of the world; we pass our culture through passing food. Perfection does not come over night; we work hard to consistently develop and improve to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our aim is to be memorable and never forgotten by our customers.

Our Culture

Our management believes in working towards perfection to serve and satisfy a variety of people from all over the world. “Food is the world’s unified language and culture. Till this day, our team works hand in hand to pursuit our vision. Our culture became our vision.

Beef Shawarma

Our Strategy

• We depend on raw materials such as organic vegetables and wheat from our farms which are located near the restaurants and supervised by our agronomists.

• The meat, chicken used in our restaurant are supplied by specialized companies which are accredited by the ministry of health.

• We seek in coordination with specialized energy companies that in 2025 we will be completely dependent on renewable energy as to be environmentally healthy for the sake of our children and the generations to come.

• We seek by partnering with investors to be the ambassadors of the Levantine cuisines in the five continents by 2025.

Our Mission

“We are committed to improving the lives of our customers by providing quality services and products that earn their trust and build lifetime relationships." We achieve this by developing a strategy that led us and continues to lead us to the path of continuous success. We tend to reflect the healthy image through a variety of Levantine appetizers to be added to the traditional items on our menu, in an attempt to be recognizes amongst the most famous international cuisines.

Our Future Projects    2020-2025

Zein Express is seeking to expand its locations to deliver as wider customers as possible in all over Serbia and the region.

šavarma od govedine i piletine
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